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Wyld Druid

The new Urban Fantasy Series by Rich Ryan

Welcome to the dark, wyld world of Seamus O'Ryan and his fellow magic-using Magi.  Set just outside of Seattle, in a world filled with faeries, goblins, Druids, shaman, and other magical beings, the WyldDruid-verse is a planned 9-volume epic urban fantasy action extravaganza.

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Rich Ryan is the pen name for a wild, wandering druid and author of the lands of Cascadia.  He doesn't exactly look like the artwork to the right (though some would say it's a pretty good likeness).   That's actually a concept art picture for Jimmy from Wyld Druid.  Rich loves hiking, going on adventures, practicing survival skills, internal martial arts, moving like a wild animal, ethnobotany, and wild medicine.  He's a dad, happily married and excited to be creating the Wyldverse where Jimmy and his amazing friends live, strive, triumph, and play.

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Into the Wyld-Wyld Druid Volume 2

I'm excited to announce that I've started working on volume 2 of the Wyld Druid series.  The vision of the series is a nine-volume set of three trilogies.  In Volume 2, Jimmy and his friends are swept up in the politics and machinations of the Fae Court as they head Into the Wyld.

It's vital for independent authors to receive support on Amazon, especially in the form of reviews.  I will be able to dive fully into working on Into the Wyld and work towards finishing it by this fall (or earlier)  if Wyld Druid gets over 100 Amazon reviews.  So, please add a review!


"People think that Druids are nature wizards or nature-based Magi.  It's not that simple.  Druids are Magi who have realized they are Nature."

Simon Owl-Wise

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